Monday, January 31, 2011

Ethan's 6th Birthday Lego Party

Saturday we celebrated Ethan's 6th birthday with a Lego party!

Ethan LOVES Legos and it was fun to go a little Lego crazy! 

I bought a Lego silicon mold and made candy out of candy melts. I cut them in half so they would fit on the cupcakes.  They were actually pretty tasty.

Eric spelled out Ethan's name in our jumbo building blocks.  
My parents bought Ethan the giant Lego head storage sorter and it looked so cute as decoration.  I made the balloon wreath following this tutorial.  I used 275 balloons and still need about 50 more to fill in around the sides, so buy more than the 144 the tutorial recommends.  The kids are very excited to get it out on their birthdays every year.

Most of our Legos are Eric's from when he was a kid.  It's funny how the faces evolved from simple smiley faces to detailed facial expressions.

The goody bags were easy to make with construction paper circles glued to colored bags.  I printed out the kids' names in Lego font found here.

When I saw the commercial for the Pizza Hut dipper pizza, I knew it was perfect for our Lego party.  We had the boys' Lego creations set around as decoration. We played a game where everyone had to guess how many Legos were in the jar.  The biggest kid of all, Rhys, had the closest guess and won a minifigure. 

Ethan's cupcake tower
We had Legos in the middle of the dining room table and a coloring station with Lego print outs. We were worried that it was going to rain, but thankfully we had wonderful weather!

The kids had fun playing outside on the playscapes,

bouncing in the bounce house,

and building Lego creations.

All the kiddos!  We bribed them to take this picture by promising cupcakes.

The partygoers

 Cupcake time!

Happy Birthday to you!

After the chaos of opening presents, the kids watched The Adventures of Clutch Powers Lego movie.  It's really cute and the kids love it.  We had a lot of fun at the party and were happy Ethan's friends could come celebrate with us. 

Happy Birthday Ethan!  We love you!


Jennifer said...

I love the wreathe, I just recently discovered that website too! :)

Ellen said...

That picture of you and your hubby is awfully good! Great party, Lisa!

Shannan Riemer said...

I adore this theme! You excellent job planning mama:)

Mindy said...

Yes, as always a picture perfect party!

monkeyDluffy said...

I just have to say that i can’t stop thinking about my son’s lego party, nevermind that it’s not until November! I will be purchasing your logo party the closer it gets to the party, it’s not going anywhere is it? Such a cute idea and my son can’t wait either!

Lego Party Supplies

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I love the Lego candy and ice! And I also love that you served pizza. I'm working my way through the parties at Kelly's Korner, and I have to say: ordering pizza for a party is much more my style than some of the 5-course meals I've seen this afternoon! :) Super cute party. Thank you for sharing!

Lori said...

A Lego party is a really neat idea and my son would love it too! I'm sure they had a great time!

Carpenter's said...

Oh my gosh this is FABULOUS!! I will have to try to find that lego head sorter. We have sooo many legos, thanks for sharing!

momMYsliceoflife said...

Wow! You did a GREAT job with this Lego Party. My 6 year old, Dylan, LOVES legos so I'm going to save this page for sure! :)

Laura said...

LOVE this party idea! My 5 year old LOVES legos...thanks for sharing on Kelly's blog!!

Sarah Jay said...

Found the link to your blog on this party!!! Thanks for sharing : )

Mikaela said...

Just made my son's name in Duplo blocks!! So cute! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Our party is next month. Should be lots of fun!

Jaxon Dakin said...

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Wenni Donna said...

Oh my god! Truly an amazing lego party. I adore all these Lego party arrangements. Thanks a ton for sharing them here. My daughter is a huge fan of Lego parties, thus hosted a surprise Lego party on her 10th birthday last month at one of her favorite Chicago event venues. She enjoyed it a lot.


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