Monday, December 6, 2010

Ethan's Art Show

The other day Ethan came up with the idea to throw an art show.  He talked about it all week and planned out all the details.  Tuesday we invited my parents and some friends over for the show.

When our guests arrived, Ethan welcomed everyone and showed them his art work.  Austin was in charge of making sure everyone had a drink and a cookie.
Here are just a few of his creations.  His pictures are always very detailed and he can tell you all about each thing he drew.  He is quite the little artist and it amazes me how he can draw a detailed picture from memory.  I have to look at a picture of a sea horse to remember how in the world to draw it!

Ethan's Thanksgiving Day picture was hands down the crowd favorite.
Ethan's first art show was a huge success and I'm sure there are many more in his future.  Austin is already planning his art show now!


Ellen said...

This could work out to be a lucrative gig in the near future.

erica said...

I love it! The horse eating an apple off of the tree is amazing. Great job, Ethan : )


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