Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Saturday we had another fun filled day of soccer.  Austin's game was up first. Our speedy little guy was awesome!  He took off right away with the ball and headed towards the goal.
And headed towards the goal again,

and again, and again!

 Our little soccer stud scored 4 goals!  He is a great defender too and is really good at anticipating where the ball is going to go and turning it around. After the game, we discussed playing without using his elbows quite so much. :) 

Taking a rest from all the running! 

Next up was Ethan's game!  Ethan kept right up with the ball and was in on all the action.

Ethan scored his very first goal!  He has been so close in the past and he did it this time!  We were sooo excited and so was he!  He had a great game and is enjoying this season.

We are very proud of our boys and look forward to many more soccer games in our future!

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Ellen said...

Yeah Ethan!! And Austin! I know 3 goals is a hat trick...is there a name for 4 goals?


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