Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The adventures of Spot

Hello!  My name is Spot and I am the classroom pet for Ethan's kindergarten class.  Each weekend I get to go home with a different child from our classroom.  I have a special journal I write in to document all the adventures I go on.  Thursday I got to go home with Ethan to spend the weekend! 

After school, I helped Ethan finish his homework that was due Friday. 

Friday morning, Ethan's mommy took me to the Teddy Bear Picnic to surprise Ethan.  I got to see all the kids in my classroom, their parents and their teddy bears.  It was so fun!

Friday after school, we drove to Luling to spend the weekend camping in Ethan's travel trailer. 

We climbed trees,

built a dam,
rode down the hill in the dump truck,

and I even got a piggy back ride!  It was a fun weekend and I'm really going to miss my buddy Ethan!

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