Tuesday, March 23, 2010

proud momma and poppa

Tonight was Ethan and Austin's first soccer practice. They were so excited and so were we! 

Austin's team named themselves the Fast Trains.  He is on four year old team even though he won't turn four for another month. He kept right up with all of them.  He had a great time doing the drills and listening to his coach. After watching Ethan play 2 years ago, he finally had his turn to play soccer.  He felt so big and it was so cute to watch!

Ethan's team is called the Rockets. We were so proud how focused he was during practice.  Even though he isn't the biggest kid on the team, he jumped right in and attacked the ball during the practice game. 

Lauren snacked while she cheered her brothers on.

After practice, we headed across the street to visit the ducks at the lake.
It was a great first soccer practice and we are so proud of our boys!

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