Thursday, December 31, 2009

Customized wheels

Since Ethan's Razor 360 was just a tad too big, my handy hubby decided to adjust the seat so Ethan could reach the peddles a little better.  He cut the wood, spray painted it to match the seat and screwed it on.  You don't really notice it unless you are looking for it. 

Ethan is very proud that his daddy adjusted the seat for him and absolutely loves to ride it.  The problem now is that Eric and I can't ride it anymore.  It's soooo fun!  I want a grown up sized one for me!

All that hard work customizing big wheels really wears you out!

1 comment:

erica said...

We should so get our own big wheel and take turns riding it for a girls' night. Love the pictures of Lauren and her stroller.


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