Sunday, December 27, 2009

10 months old!

Lauren is 10 months old!

She is getting so big!  She still only has her bottom two teeth.  I wrote on her 8 month post that she had a top tooth about to pop through, but it still has yet to do so.  Crazy!  She is eating table food pretty well and already is a picky eater who prefers fruits to veggies.  She loves her bottles and I hope I can find a sippy cup soon that she will drink out of. She still takes two naps a day and sleeps from 7 to 7.  She falls asleep on her own with her trusty pacifier and blankie.  She still says "bubba" and "bye" and she just started signing "all done" and "more"!  It's so cute!

Lauren is quite a handful!  It took three different attempts to get these pictures because she didn't want to sit still! She is a busy little girl who loves to crawl around and explore.  She is cruising now, but has no interest in learning to walk.  If she does hold our hands to walk, she walks on her tip toes like a little ballerina.  

Guess I need to start painting the back of her numbers too!

This month our little sweetie has gotten bashful.  She clings on to me and puts her head on my shoulder when new people talk to her.  Although I hope she outgrows it soon, I must admit I love when she snuggles with me!

Happy 10 months Lauren!


erica said...

Those are great pictures. Wow, 10 months. Time flies. We'll be celebrating her first birthday before you know it : ) Thank goodness you're blogging again.

Shannan Riemer said...

She's a doll!

Samantha said...

Ditto to Shannan's comment! What a little doll! Her hair is getting So cute! I can't wait until her & Maddie can run & play together. :)

Rachael said...

ahhh, I have been waiting for these! she is adorable!
Happy 10 months Lauren!


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