Tuesday, March 3, 2009


You may have heard of a VBAC, but have you heard of a CBAV? Ok, I admit I made that term up. Humor is the only way I can absorb the fact that I had a c-section a week ago.

The recovery was tougher than I anticipated, but the good news is on the 5th day I felt like a real person again and didn't want to cry every time I laughed. I learned one of two things about myself: Either I am a big wimp or pain meds don't work very well for me. I choose to think the latter.

Oh, and why is it after having a 7lb, 14oz baby, I come home from the hospital 4 days later and have only lost 4 lbs? I know it has to do with being pumped with fluids and yada yada yada, but it is still frustrating as hell!

Good thing I have this little angel to make it all worth it!


erica said...

The CBAV - I love it. Definitely one for the medical journals.

Shannan said...

Funny, What a beautiful picture of Lauren.

Jennifer said...


Mindy said...

Yeah, God is smart that way. If kids came out being smart mouthed little punks, like they eventually become, they'd never make it!! Instead we get sweet, angelic creatures who make it possible for us to forget all the crap we're going through after having them!


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