Sunday, August 10, 2008


This weekend we loaded up the camper and headed to Fredericksburg for the weekend. Our friends Jared and Felisha got married Friday night. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were glad to share their special day with them.

I was really nervous about taking the boys to the ceremony. Ethan was very good and Austin was squirmy. I kept shoving food, milk and pacifiers at him so he wouldn't make a peep. Thank goodness it was a short ceremony.

Saturday we finally left our cozy camper and went into town. It had been such a lazy weekend, but we couldn't go to Fredericksburg without hitting the shopping or a brewery. We stopped by to see my sister's husband's parents and brother's family. I have known them since I was 7, so they are just like family. It was great to see them!

Laverne and Nikki showing the boys the fish pond

We had fun hanging out in the kid friendly brewery with our friends David and Sharon. Ethan and Austin love spending time with their three girls. We love going camping with their family and always have a laid back, fun time!

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Mindy said...

That sounds like fun. I haven't been to Frederiksburg in forever. It's beautiful there.


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