Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our Playa del Carmen getaway

When our friends invited us to join them on their trip to Playa del Carmen, we couldn't resist!  We dropped the kids, two dogs and two kittens off with Eric's parents and hopped on a plane.

The kids were excited to spend some time with Gege and Grandaddy. 

We were so happy when we landed in Cancun!

Happy to see our friends!

The beach was filled with seaweed, so we spent all our time at the pool.

We loved laying in the sun!  My shade kept falling on my face though.  Lol!

All dressed up for dinner.

We had the best time with our group.  It was so fun to make new friends!

Our friends had towels folded into shapes of swans and peacocks.  We had nothing the first couple days, and then this showed up!  We named her Creepy Baby. 

When this showed up the next day, we died laughing and hoped it wasn't an omen.  

Calliendo de beso

We shopped in Playa Del Carmen for gifts for the kids.  

We went on an amazing excursion too.  We drove ATVs, swam in a cave, zip lined and swam with sea turtles. 

We rode through the jungle on ATVs. It was super bumpy, but fun!

We swam in this beautiful cave.  It was so cold!  

Chris was standing on a bridge and really isn't a giant.

Zip lining through the jungle was fun too! 

My favorite was swimming with the sea turtles! We saw calamari, big sting rays and lots of turtles. 

We had the best time and can't wait to go back next summer! 

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