Monday, May 11, 2015

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Nothing is better than snuggling with these guys on the couch! 

 Eric and I were sitting on the deck the other night and the weather was awesome.  I asked him to go get the kids so they could enjoy it with us.  He brought them outside like this!  So funny!

The Wooden Oar Kettle Corn at Wimberley Market Days is still going strong. We love our once a month business!

Eric and I stayed in San Marcos the night before Market Days so we could have a date night.  It was so fun!  We went to Gristmill and ate all our favorite foods at the place we met.  Such great memories!

Lauren had her yearly checkup the other day.  That night,  she said "I have to brush my teeth like the Germotologist said to!".  It was so funny!  Love our little stinker!

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