Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our life in Instagram

Life has been busy. Just when the kids are getting older and easier, I got a job, Eric is tackling a giant home improvement project and we added a puppy to our family to make things crazy again.

My antique laptop isn't cooperating with Blogger and I most of the pictures I take are on my iPhone.  Oh well, these pictures are better than nothing! 

Sadie is getting bigger!  She is doing great at potty training and can sit on command.  She still needs LOTS of work sleeping through the night without waking us up to go outside, play biting, begging for food, jumping up when excited and chewing up things around the house.  She is a ton of work, but is slowly growing on me.  The kids love her and we are determined she will follow in Kirby's footsteps and be a great dog.

Eric is building us a deck in our backyard!  He amazes me with his woodworking skills.  It's going to be so nice to have it done.  He only can work on it on the weekends and the weather has not been cooperating, but it should be done soon.  We are so excited!

Speaking of Kirby, our pitiful first baby has terrible allergies.  We made her wear a cone since she was tearing up her eye and a spot on her leg, but it didn't work at all.  Between the cone and Sadie, Kirby was not very happy.  We ditched the cone, got her a cortisone shot and now she is doing much better.  

Lauren goes to her new school three days a week and her Mother's Day Out program for two half days.  It was an adjustment for her, but she is loving it.  She is such a busy little girl and it's so good for her!

My oldest boy is blind like me and needs glasses.  His prescription is -2.25 and -1.75.  I'm a -5.25 and -5.5, so I know how he feels.  We didn't even know he had a problem until we went outside to see Jupiter when it was right next to the moon.  He couldn't see it, so we went inside and I gave him my own eye test.  I was shocked!  He doesn't squint and didn't show any signs to us, so it was a surprise.  Since he sits in the front of his classroom, his teacher didn't notice either.  We tried on a a bunch of glasses, but haven't found the perfect ones yet.  Wish us luck! 

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