Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gege and Grandaddy save the day

Last week Eric's parents came in town to help us get some projects done around the house and watch the kids while we popped kettle corn in Wimberley.  My handy kitchen chalkboard went from our weekly calendar to a long To Do list.

The guys installed a light in the hallway in front of Lauren's room.  The hallway had two other lights closer to the boys' rooms, but really needed one more to light it up. 

Jan and Leon are rock star painters.  They painted the top 3 inches around all of the living spaces in the entire house including the kitchen.  (We had all the walls painted, but were scared to tackle the top 3 inches next to the ceiling.  It's been a work in progress for months. Who knows how long it would have been like that if they hadn't saved the day!)   It looks great and we are soooo thankful!!

We did take a couple breaks to play Rumicube.

We are so thanful for all their hard work!  We love you Gege and Grandaddy!

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