Friday, September 7, 2012

Lauren's room

Lauren loves her room.  If you ask her what her room looks like, she says "pink".  We plan on painting the walls a neutral khaki since the pink curtains already cast a pink glow to the entire room.

My grandparents made this dollhouse for me when I was a little girl. I updated the wallpaper by modge podging my favorite fabrics on the walls.  Eric added wood floors from our old house to jazz it up a little.


Dollhouse tour of the first floor

I filled the second floor with framed art (aka fabric scraps of my favorite fabrics).


Nanny embroidered her name for me.  So sweet!

Lauren loves the mirror I put down low for her.

Silly girl!

 And just to keep it real, my little Tornado's room usually looks like this.  When we clean it, she tells me she likes it better messy.  What a handful!


Jennifer said...

Love it! The dollhouse is so sweet.

Marla said...

What an adorable room! And that doll it! And so special since it was yours!


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