Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Yesterday was Eric's 35th birthday, so my parents and Aunt Sammy Jo came over to babysit so Eric and I could go out to celebrate.  I didn't tell Eric any of our plans for the evening, but just told him to drive towards Round Rock.  As we got closer to our destination, I told him we were going to eat at Pluckers.  While we love it, it's not somewhere we would normally go for a birthday dinner.  When he pulled into the parking lot, I redirected him to Allen Boots where he picked out a nice pair of work boots.

Here they are!  He was really surprised.

After boot shopping, we headed over to Z Tejas for dinner.  Felisha and Jared met us there and we had a great evening relaxing on the patio.

Happy Birthday Eric!  I love you!

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THE mom said...

mmmm ZTejas! Hapy birthday to your love!


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