Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mom's 70th Birthday New Year's Eve Bash

Saturday morning we loaded up the truck and headed to 7A Ranch and Resort in Wimberly to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday with friends and family.  Her birthday is New Year's Day, so we got to celebrate for two whole days.

The boys had fun jumping across the rocks in the Cypress Creek river, but really had fun "accidentally" falling in and getting soaked.

The 7A Ranch and Resort has an awesome pioneer town to explore.

Isn't the giant jackalope awesome? 

Saturday night we had a western murder mystery.  Everyone was assigned a character and we all dressed up in costume.  As you can see, my boys really got into character!

Eric was murdered!  He had a straight face for a couple seconds before he busted out laughing.

The boys immediately fell down dead too.  It was sooooo cute!

Russell and Eric

We rang in the new year playing games.

We spent Sunday celebrating my mom's birthday with cake, snacks and more games.

I love this picture of my mom and Tommy playing spoons.

The ladies table was much more reserved.

Happy 70th Mom!  We love you!


Jennifer said...

What a FUN party!! You guys all look great, and I LOVE Miss Lauren's boots.

erica said...

Ethan looks really handsome in that hat. Looks like an amazing party.


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