Friday, February 5, 2010

quotes from crazy boys

Mommy - "Austin, did you have an accident in your bed?"
Austin - "No. Maybe someone took me out of my bed and poured water in it."

Mommy - "Austin, do not drink Coke!"
Austin - "MOM, it's not coke, it's beer!"
(It was tea, not beer for the record!)

Overheard while I was out of the room...
Ethan - “Mom, I need to go to the bathroom.”
Austin – “Mom isn’t here. She went to walmart and daddy went to work. We have to take care of everything.”

Mom- "What's my favorite color?"
Ethan - "Green"
Mom - "What is my favorite thing to do?"
Ethan - "Take care of little boys... and do what we ask you to do."


Sarah said...

I love that last one "...and do what we ask you to do." Funny, but true.

Ellen said...

isn't eavesdropping on your kids the best? and admittedly sometimes scary too.

Steph said...

this totally made me LOL.

the kids are getting so big! love all the recent pics


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